A runaway bride, a bohemian rhapsody and sauteed mushrooms

My study of the romantic comedy canon continues.

1. Runaway Bride. It never appears on any list of best romcoms and I’m not sure why. The chemistry between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts is undeniable and we knew that given the obvious precedents. It’s not just that, though; her character arc is original. She keeps standing guys up at the altar because she doesn’t know who she is. The movie has a false ending and SPOILER ALERT at the end she proposes to him.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody. The song and the biopic. The trailer looks epic. Rami Malek is a perfect Freddie Mercury. As good as Michael Fassbender playing Steve Jobs. Seriously guys, I’m weeping just watching the trailer. One of my closest friend cannot stand Queen or their music. Heathen! She threatened to walk out of a club once. She didn’t in the end but only because it was my birthday.

3. Sauteed mushrooms. Tesco sent too many so I’m sauteeing them as if there were no tomorrow. Problem is I need to cut down on garlic and chilli for a bit as per the doctor’s orders. This gave me an excuse to use the truffle salt as if I needed an excuse, so you know . . . it’s not all bad. Here’s what you do: cut each mushroom in thirds or quarters, just make sure they’re not too small, and wash them thoroughly. Heat up a decent quantity of oil or butter. Lower the mushroom in the pan and stir to coat them in oil. Add salt, truffle salt if you have it. A lot of water will come outm that’s ok. Stir occasionally to ensure they’re cooked evenly on all sides. The water will evaporate and the mushrooms will start colouring. When it’s the shade of brown you like, they’re done. Garlic, chilli, thyme and balsamic vinegar, all go very well.

4. Dreams. What’s the difference between dreams and projects? Have I ever had dreams? Have I ever dared to have dreams? It’s weird: I don’t think I’ve ever allowed myself to have big dreams. Or maybe the dreams I had became reality. Or maybe my pessimism took care of them. But I do believe in dreams. Maybe I should start dreaming them as well as believing in them.

5. The friend who sent me this to send to people who are making my day difficult:


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